Why Hire Sentinel Home Inspections?

Get complete home inspections in Temple, Texas

You’re looking to purchase a home and you want the full story on the property. It’s time for a professional inspection on a new construction, prior to the final walkthrough. You need an inspection before the 1-year homebuilder warranty expires.

Whatever your need may be, Sentinel Home Inspections can help you. We’re a home inspection company in Temple, Texas offering:

  • Home buyer inspections
  • Home seller inspections
  • New construction inspections
  • Pre-warranty expiration inspections

You’ll get real expertise

Sentinel Home Inspections brings more than 40 years of construction industry experience to our professional home inspections in Temple, Texas. From the rooftop to the foundation and everything in between, we understand the ins and outs of residential properties.

You’ll get a thorough, accurate report

You can trust us to provide you with a complete home inspection in Temple, Texas. Our professional, easy-to-read report will detail:

  • The condition of all the major features, including the roofing, the plumbing and electrical, the foundation and structure, the HVAC system and more
  • Large and small deficiencies
  • Home preservation tips
  • Necessary upgrades
  • Safety issues

You’ll get a free estimate

If you’re still in the early stages of deciding whether or not to purchase a residential property, you may not know exactly what a home inspection entails, or what it will cost you. Fortunately, Sentinel Home Inspections provides free estimates on all of our services. Let us help you make an informed decision!

Schedule A Home Inspection

Take advantage of more than four decades of homebuilding experience! Reach out to Sentinel Home Inspections today at 979-966-2987 to hire a knowledgeable home inspector in Temple, TX.